Sunday, June 6, 2010

30 Day Raw Challenge

I decided to try a 30 day raw diet. I've always been heard about the wonderful health benefits and I became more and more curious when I read Victoria Boutenko's book Green For Life so I decided to order her book Green Smoothie Revolution , bought a Breville power blender off Craigslist and started there. The Green Smoothies were delicious and included greens such as beet tops and kale. A few months into green smoothie making, my curiosity grew further so I decided to reconnect with an old running buddy, Serena. She is the one that actually turned me on to going vegan a few years ago and right as I had become vegan, she had gone raw. So she had me over for a raw dinner and a raw movie - Raw for 30 days , which is about how 5 people who were able to reverse diabetes by going on a raw food diet for (you guessed it) 30 days.

I quickly learned about the amazing health benefits and thought, I should try this… at least for 30 days and see what happens. I’m not diabetic and really don’t have any health issues. I recently had blood work done and the only thing that came back deficient was my Vitamin D levels, but it’s nothing a little time out at the pool, in the sun can’t fix. But can you imagine what a raw diet can do for an already healthy person in 30 days if it can reverse chronically ill people in that time? So over the next few days and weeks, I’ll be documenting my experience on this diet and invite you to comment or just give your support. If anything, maybe it’ll inspire change in someone out there wondering how to heal a nagging illness or just eat a little healthier. After all, every little bit counts.


evergreen said...

Hi Isabel! I just wanted to wish you well in your raw food journey! I am so excited for you:)